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heavy duty contractor bag

3600 Hours UV

Resists up to 3600 hours under the sun its polypropylene fabric makes it more resistant and durable under sunlight

heavy duty contractor bag

Resistant to Pets

Thanks to your resistances your pets or the pets of your neighbors will not be able to break it or tear it, so do not worry because your pet breaks it

The New Contractor Bag Heavy Duty
heavy duty contractor bag


Dprobag is resistant to water or any other liquid, having a yeast layer estra resistant and durable for any weather condition

heavy duty contractor bag

Recycable EcoFriendly

Responsible for the environment the bag dprobag can be reused more than 10 times as it is a recyclable bag, being protective of the environment

The New Contractor Bag

24X37 INCHES. 25 Gallons – 12 Mils.  

Heavy duty woven polypropylene, multi use, 25 gallons bag. 


• Extra protection shield plastic coat. 

• Capacity 25 gallons, max load 150 pounds.

• Woven polypropylene bags.

10 Times stronger than regular contractor bags and sand bags.


Construction materials, sand, debris,
wood, tiles, shingles, slate, concrete,
gravel and much more.

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contractor heavy duty bag

The New Contractor Bag
(Five Pack)

Heavy Duty Woven Polypropylene 25
Gallons – 12 Mils Bag, Multi Use.

contractor bag heavy duty


Ideal for cleaning up areas after demolitions or for throwing away quantities of yard waste or anything.


You can create barriers to avoid floods. These bags can be filled with sand, in addition, they are an economical...